Putting Green and Fringe



Pile Height - 7/8"

The PG07 is our premium putting green turf. Boasting 80 oz of fiber, it is great for chipping on to. 5mm pad is optional depending on the base and project. *Price with 5mm pad ($6.00 Sq/ft).

Price Per Square Foot:


Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 2.20.34 PM.png


Pile Height - 1 inch 

The LS30L is a great short landscape turf. Primarily used for dog runs, and putting green fringe. It is very durable and has sufficient drainage for pets.

Price Per Square Foot:




Pile Height - .5 in 

The PG02M is a great all around putting green turf. It has a short pile height that makes for a fast and realistic putting surface. Pair with MC58 for fringe.

*Price with a 3mm pad ($4.85 Sq/ft)

Price Per Square Foot:




Pile Height - 1.5 in 

The LS58 is a 1/4" shorter than the LS68. It has 58 oz of fiber and makes for a great back yard at a great price. It has full drainage, and makes a great Pet Turf. 

Price Per Square Foot:




Pile Height - .5 in

The PG50 has 50oz of fiber and is a great DIY option due to its ease of installation. The brighter green can be paired with the LS30L for a beautiful fringe combo.

Price Per Square Foot:




Pile Height - 1.75 inch 

The LS68 is our premium landscape turf that boasts an 68oz face weight. This provides a natural look and a durability that will last in high traffic areas like playgrounds and yards.

Price Per Square Foot:


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