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C2C turf has been providing new and used turf for dog owners for 9 years. Our used turf is a great budget option for dog training facilities, pet hotels, and dog runs. The new turf is a great option for a clean and beautiful environment. Our new turf is all "Pet Premium" products. It drains well and holds up to the wear and tear from large and small dogs. 


Used Dog Turf

Sold in 15'x70' rolls 

Our used 1" turf is the premier used turf for dog runs and arenas. Dozens of Dog Agility arenas, Pet Hotels, and Dog trainers have seen great success with the use of this turf. 


$1.50 Sq Ft



1.75" Pile Height

Our MC68 is our premier Pet and Landscape turf. It holds up well to heavy traffic and looks great in a landscape application. Paired with an alternate infill like Envirofill or Wonderful, it is the best artificial Pet Turf on the Market. 


$1.50 Sq Ft



1" Pile Height

Our LS30L is a 1" landscape turf. It is one of our Pet premium products due to its durable fibers and superior drainage. The short fibers make it easy to clean up after dogs, ensuring a clean and beautiful lawn.


$3.75 Sq Ft

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