Residential Turf Installation 

In 2016, Coast To Coast began installing residential turf projects and opened up a brick and mortar in Spokane, WA. At our location we can give you a bid on any project, and show you all the samples that you could choose from. Call us and we can send an employee out to measure you project, and give you a quote. With our premium products, we can provide the highest quality and installation.

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Pile Height - 1 inch 

The CP30L is our most affordable landscape turf. However, it is a quality turf that will assure your lawn will be the greenest and best kept lawn in the neighborhood. 



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Pile Height - 1.5 in 

The OS53A is our middle of the road turf. We made an affordable turf without sacrificing a real grass look. This product will look more natural than our CP30L. 



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Pile Height - 1.75 inch 

The MC68 is our premium landscape turf that boasts an 80 oz face weight. This provides a natural look and a durability that will last in high traffic areas like playgrounds.



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