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Used Turf

This is what started Coast To Coast Turf. We are the premier used turf distributers in the northwest. We have many products available at our showroom in Spokane. We can even cut you a custom size to fit all your artificial turf needs. We have hundreds of rolls available for purchase. We carry turf with and without infill, depending on your needs. Normally, for lighter applications (e.g. in front of an RV) people purchase turf without infill, due to how light it is. With Heavy use (e.g. batting cage) people will use turf with sand or rubber infill. 


Used Field

Sold in 15'x70' rolls 

This is a used turf with rubber infill. 


$1.10+ Sq Ft


Padded Turf

Custom sizes available 

This is a padded turf without infill.


$2.50 Sq Ft

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